How I Review Books

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Book Reviews have become a fun hobby for me over the past few years. I do them in my spare time to provide my readers – You! – with some insight on reading material that you might be curious about. I’ve recently restructured my reviews for a quicker read. Ever since I wrote my first review, I felt like it needed to be perfectly formatted to how reviews are “supposed to be.” Well, years later I’m realizing that I can create my reviews to better suit the reader, as I’m not being paid to write them. I’ve shortened them up with the focus being on those who haven’t read the books. I want to keep an atmosphere of mystery about the books so that if it sounds appealing, you can find your next favorite read! (If you’ve read the books, these reviews will not be geared toward you, but you are welcome to see my thoughts!) I’ve included bullet points on certain aspects of what the reader would look for such as: genre, pace of reading, author’s writing style, and character/world building. So with that said, I’ll explain some points that I hit in order to come up with my rating.



What I Look for in my Rating Process

1. Atmosphere. When I finish a book, I’ll sit back and think about how the overall atmosphere of it made me feel. If I didn’t feel much, regardless of said feeling, I don’t consider it to be a very good book. Books Image result for hug a book gifshould evoke emotions and make you think. I’ve had books that lingered with me for years pulling at my heart strings, making my mind race with scenarios on “what I would do in the character’s situation,” and so on and so forth. That’s not to say that every book has to have some philosophical message behind it. I just feel that any entertaining book will give you all the feels.So that is where I start.



2. Then I come around to grammatical errors in the book. This is a major no-no. I haven’t taken this into much consideration in my previous reviews, which I will be fixing in the future. The editor and everyone involved should never let major mistakes fall through the cracks over and over again in a book. It’s one thing if there’s one or two errors that slip through the cracks, but more than that shows a bit of carelessness in the editor’s job.Related image


3. After that, I’ll look at the content. Was someone’s character not fully developed? Was there harsh language? Were the romance scenes too much? Related image If any of these things were overdone **out of context of what the book is portraying**, I’ll take that into consideration. (Sometimes the harsh language and romance are too much and don’t belong in that specific book. However, I will make note of any language and/or adult scenes.)


My style of books that I tend to review range from contemporary to fantasy to chick-lit to the rare thriller. Here and there I will do a non-fiction review, but the majority are fiction. If you would like to send me your book for review, you can email me at Again, this is a hobby for me. I do not get paid to write reviews, but I love providing my readers with plenty of reading options in my review section.

I hope this helps to see where I’m coming from when I review. I’m not a pessimist and I refuse to give low ratings just because I might feel like it. I love books and want to promote them as much as possible. Enjoy, and I hope you find some of your next favorite books here!!



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