ARC After the Rain Book Review

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Title: After the Rain

Author: Brandy Bruce

Rating: 5

Pages: 224 (ARC page count)

Release Date: Feb 4, 2019

Book Review

Debra Hart is moving on. Maybe. Hopefully. One day. 

As a radio show host, Debra spends her mornings as Miss Lonely Heart on air, empathizing with all the broken hearts in the Denver metro area. She spends her evenings watching old musicals and trying not to think about the guy who broke up with her and subsequently fell in love with one of her best friends. Alone in a new city, Debra questions where she belongs and who she is now. 

When she stumbles into the indie music scene, Debra meets singer Ben Price. Rock star appeal, with a day job as a worship pastor, Ben is everything Debra wants to avoid. But he’s determined to be her friend, and it so happens she could really use one. Because try as she might, nothing seems to erase the anger and betrayal she feels. 

It’s time for a new dream. But how does she start over when she doesn’t even know what she wants anymore?


Contemporary / Romance – If you’re looking for a book that you can’t put down, this is for you! It’s a great romance story that entwines forgiveness, love, and moving forward in life. Trust me, you’ll love this one, but read The Last Summer first!


Bruce has proven once again that her writing style is addictive. I seamlessly fell back into the story of Debra. I had read The Last Summer in July of 2017 and as I read After the Rain, all the details came flooding back to me. That doesn’t always happen! Details get lost after reading so many books, but Bruce’s words clearly stayed with me after those couple of years.


I picked up this book after a two-month reading slump. I couldn’t get into anything for some reason. However, I picked up Bruce’s book and devoured it in less than 24 hours. There was something gravitational about it that kept pulling me back to the story.

Character / World Building:

Where do I even begin? I easily fall in love with characters in case you haven’t noticed that pattern with my reviews. However! In the 24 hour span of reading After the Rain, I found myself daydreaming about the main guy Ben. I felt that giddy excitement in the pit of my stomach when you meet someone new…until I realized that I was daydreaming about a fictional character. That’s good news for Bruce because she wrote a fantastic character! Bad news for me because here I am: still single in hopes of finding someone like that character in a book. (haha!)


Bruce sent me this ARC for free in exchange for a review! I had high expectations since I’ve loved her previous books, but I never expected to love After the Rain as much as I did. I highly recommend this book after reading The Last Summer of course!

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