Disney Princesses

*This is not meant to start an opinion battle, I just want to address my thoughts.** I remember being a child and being enthralled at the pretty, sparkling princesses we’ve all come to know and adore. They’re dainty, beautiful, and have amazing dresses. Do you know which one was my favorite? Cinderella. I didn’t like […]

Diminishing Anxiety

Why do we shy away from bringing our requests before God? I recently had this thought because I was worrying about some things in my life -what else is new? – and I was hesitant to get on my knees before God and give it up to Him. And I stopped and asked myself Why? […]

We Remember

We Remember   17 years later and the day is still so vivid in my mind. I remember learning about days in history class where older folks would recall the day it happened. They too would say, I remember it like it was yesterday. However, never in my wildest imagination did I think I would […]

Love Your Enemy

My enemy should know mercy better than my friends. Love your enemy is not a play on words. It’s not a suggestion so that you can feel better about yourself. It’s the Gospel, in motion. When we show undeserved mercy, we become a part of God’s story, and His character runs through us. It’s powerful […]

Social Media Has Become Dangerous

Before Social Media There was once a time when people had thoughts and they kept those thoughts to themselves. Or if they shared those thoughts, it was face to face with another human being. Through those sharing of thoughts, a conversation would commence. If both parties agreed on said thoughts, it would be a conversation […]

The Value of Life

The Value of Life 650,000 The rough number of abortions per year in the U.S. It’s estimated that 98% of those abortions are elective, according to an AGI study in 2016. That’s just impossible to ignore. At that number, I don’t think that an opposition to it is all that unreasonable. After all, pro-life has […]