Mascara that Will Have You Turning Heads

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As a dancer growing up,

I had to know how to do makeup. From a young age, I was putting on my own fake eyelashes because that was just part of the business. The heavier the makeup, the better – it helps to avoid from looking washed out when you’re on stage. So naturally after I graduated high school and was no longer performing, I never wanted to wear fake eyelashes again!

But! My lashes are the one thing I love to play up when it comes to my makeup routine. So I want to share with you my favorite mascara for a quick makeup fix when running out the door to those book signings, book events, or even to the book store.

What I’ll do is throw on a bit of powder, add some texture to my eyebrows, and then throw on:

Rimmel Scandaleyes Retroglam Mascara, Extreme Black Longwear Mascara for a False Eyelash Look

I swear by this stuff.

I have tried many many different mascaras throughout the years, but I have always come back to this one. The brush allows for lash separation – who wants those clumpy lashes?? It accentuates the lash length, and gives them a deep dark color for a look that turns heads.

Disclosure: I do have long natural lashes, so the above photo of my eyes is one coat of this mascara. I feel that everyone can have different experiences with mascaras, but this is the one that works for me and I wanted to share! It is affordable, easy access to Amazon, Target, and Walmart, and will leave you looking glamorous! (Amazon is currently the cheapest right now – with Target being sold out online, so make sure to stock up!)

Tell me what your favorite makeup routine is when you’re running out the door?



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