Open Letter to Authors for Sending Out ARCS

Here is my gratitude to all the authors out there.

Dear Author,

I am writing this to you to show my gratitude for all your hard work. I know that many won’t understand the efforts that are put into writing a book. In fact, I never knew until I started writing one of my own.

The emotional roller coaster that writing sends you on is one for the books…pardon the pun! Creating characters that are near and dear to your heart and allowing them to go out into the world is by no means an easy task. The question of whether or not the readers will have a positive reaction toward your book could send you into a full on anxiety attack.

So I am here to say thank you.

Thank you for all your time and energy put into your writing. Thank you for giving us readers the opportunity to receive ARCs.

When I first began my journey of reviewing books, I could only dream of one day receiving an ARC. I never thought it would happen, but dream about it I did! Then the day came about that I was asked to receive an ARC from one of my favorite authors in exchange for a review. In short, I freaked out from excitement. I felt absolutely honored that this author would want to send me their work.

I know there has been some controversial conversation lately on Twitter about what reviewers do with their ARCs. I want to tell you that I cherish mine. I have a special place on my bookshelves for these books and sometimes gaze at them in awe that I have them in my possession. (Dorky, I know. But what can I say? I’m a book nerd!)

Your efforts are not unnoticed, and I do my best to promote your babies (ahem, books) as much as I can. So, for the last time Thank you. Keep writing, keep being awesome, and this little book blogger will be the loudest cheerleader for your books.


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