A Time to Wait

A Time to Wait I’ve never really thought about the day between Good Friday and Easter. I’m not sure why, but my mind has never gone into deep thought about that specific day. However, here I am today – Saturday, April 20, 2019 – not being able to tear my mind away from it. Yesterday […]

Christianity is a Dirty Word

Christianity, while I’m not a fan of labels, is a choice. It’s a lifestyle choice and has quickly become abhorrent in the eyes of many. Why? That is the million dollar question. And while I could probably go into answering that with thousands of words, I’ll settle for one. Pride. We have become so adamant […]

Love Your Enemy

My enemy should know mercy better than my friends. Love your enemy is not a play on words. It’s not a suggestion so that you can feel better about yourself. It’s the Gospel, in motion. When we show undeserved mercy, we become a part of God’s story, and His character runs through us. It’s powerful […]