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On the Twelfth Day of Christmas my true love gave to me…


I didn’t get this post up yesterday because it was chaos – in the best way possible – and I wasn’t going to take away time spent with my family to write up an article last minute. So here I am a day late giving you the last day in my Twelve Days of BooksFaithLove!

I wanted to talk about opportunities because I feel like this is something we often overlook to a certain extent…at least I did for a long time. As I’ve previously mentioned, it is easy to fall into the mundane routine of daily life. We wake up, go to work, come home, prepare for the next day, go to sleep, and repeat. Or others wake up, take care of their kids in a whirlwind of chaos until they fall asleep, wake up and repeat. When we’re in this routine, we tend to think that is how it will and should be for the rest of our lives. However, when we are living for Jesus, every opportunity possible could come our way in the blink of an eye. We never know what God has planned for our lives. We could be at a job for 25 years and one day God tells us to start something entirely new.

This is why we need to be so in tune to God’s voice in our everyday living.

Because if we aren’t, we may miss out on an opportunity that God had presented to us. New opportunities are scary, that is the first thing I will admit to. Routine is easy and it is comfortable, but try not to become complacent in that routine. When we are complacent, it’s easier to also be that way in our walk with Jesus.

That is where I was exactly one year ago.

I was stagnant in every way possible of the word. Physically, mentally, and spiritually stagnant. As a result, I was empty inside. But the scary thing is that I wasn’t entirely aware of it. I vaguely knew that I wasn’t happy – as happy as I could be – but I wasn’t ready to do anything about it. I was happy enough in my comfort zone. All until God shook my world and told me to start over. Clean slate.

That did not make me a happy girl. I argued back and forth for quite a while. Being at a job that I enjoyed and quite honestly was very good at, I was content in my routine. But in the end I knew I had to listen to what God was telling me to do. Fast forward a year and I am 100% a different person. I’m growing, learning, and stretching myself in ways that I didn’t know possible because I am putting my trust and control into God’s hands. But listen carefully…

This has nothing to do with anything that I personally did.

Me on the Sea of Galilee

What I mean by that is this: All I did was listen to God’s voice and do what He was directing me to do. All control was out of my reach because I relinquished it to Him. And I don’t have any form of worldly accolades to tell you about. I haven’t made millions of dollars, I don’t have a successful business venture, I basically have nothing to my name outside of student loans. However, I have been made stronger in my faith, richer in relationships, and bolder to new opportunities. The truth is, I would take those traits over all the money in the world any day.

I want to encourage you,

seek God in everything you do. Let go of the control on your life because all that is doing is preventing God from doing some amazing things. In my book review for Rachel Hollis’s book Girl, Wash Your Face I made a pretty strong argument in her favor. (Read the review here to know what I’m talking about.) However, the more I thought about it and the more conversations I had with family members I realized that there is a message there that may not be the best. Again, like I stated in my review, I would love to sit down and personally talk to her so I could gain an understanding firsthand from her. But when it comes to talking about taking control of your life from a Godly standpoint, that’s when it tends to become shaky grounds.

God wants us to let go of control,

not because He wants to be a gestapo, but because of His love for us. He knows what is best for us and wants to pour out His blessings on His children. Don’t be afraid to accept new opportunities presented by God because it could be the start of a journey to your most rewarding life possible.

God Bless!


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